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Kate's a Blogger with Style, her Loves, her Babies, Music, Games, Fashion, Technology, Matcha's and Food  

Blogging is a big part of the Show and once in Animation Kate will continue to have a Blog that will be going along with the Series Episodes


When you join Blogging with Kate on Patreon and Contribute to Kate's GoFundKate's Campaign, you make it possible for us to Create an Animation of the Show and continue making Animated Episodes of Bad Date Kate every month!

Patrons will get behind the Scenes of the Show and Creative content 

In Kate's ongoing Blog posted twice a month, you'll see an illustrated comic strip of a scene from Bad Date Kate.... her Favorite Songs, Games, Fashion, Foods and Technology...

We'll be featuring a Sponsors Page where Backers will see their Names featured as well as Product Sponsors telling us why they're Products are Amazing!

Blogging with Kate on Patreon


Kate's Blog will have a Featured Shelter, as you know Kate is a Rescue Momma and an Animal Advocate and we will be sharing Amazing Shelters making a difference in Precious Lives.


 Welcome Fall!