Bad Date Kate | The Beginning...

Bad Date Kate started out as a live action webisode.  I began writing the series after finishing a comedy television pilot that  I co-created called "The Shift".  The Shift is about the struggles of life as an actor working in a Los Angeles restaurant while trying to break into the entertainment industry.

The servers have to endure ridiculous rules, meetings, not to mention crazy customers, all to earn a living so they can become successful in what they Really Love.

The relationships they have with one another bonds them closely together and each in their own unique way, add the support they need to continue to persevere and keep moving forward, despite all of the adversities they face.

The Pilot Episode on

After wrapping filming The Shift,  I wanted to work on something fun and simple. I remember sharing stories about dating with friends, some of them were truly special and I being the writer that I am said, I'm going to create a Show about Kate, a young woman who knows that someone incredible is out there and while on her Journey to finding that person, encounters awkward, sometimes downright strange dating situations.

My Husband Jason and I took our camera and filmed the first webisode with Kate and Billy, her Karate Obsessed Ex Boyfriend who she breaks up with and from that point begins her dating journey and adventure to True Love.  

Kate is not one dimensional, needing or wanting a man,  she has different sides to her and is Definitely a Strong Female Character.

She wants what Everyone wants, True Love. You who have it know it and you who are on your own dating journeys can imagine what it's going to feel like when it happens!

Read all about the Different Sides of Kate in My Kate Blog and Posts. A strong savvy female character Kate is a Rescue Momma, Animal Advocate, Vegan Food Blogger, Gamer Grrl, Music Loving Techie, Fashionista who enjoys her Matcha's.  

Kate Loves Her Babies, they are her Heart, her Joy and a Big Part of the Show.  She has a Wonderful Group of Friends who support her and are constantly on the "Lookout" for her Perfect Match.  Together with an Eclectic Family that adds warmth and love, who have their own stories. 

I'm a character writer,  I Love characters and I Love developing them. Every one of them is an important part of the Show, each with a story and adventures of their own!

Why Animation?  

Kate is definitely an Animated Series. I LOVE Animation.  For me as a Show Creator, I can truly unleash my Imagination and be as Creative as I want to be.  

No Limitations. You can push the Boundaries in Animation. Oh.. Kate falling out of a...into a tree and landing on her... Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself! 

That's in Episode...  

 I have the Great Fortune to work with the best in the Industry and not limit myself creatively.  

My Vision for the Show is Different and the Style and Details are Very Important.