Founder, CEO at Strange Canine

Founder, CEO at Strange Canine | Entertainment for Television, Music and Video Games

Creator of Bad Date Kate, The Babies and Tessa and the Environmental Warriorz Animated Series

I’ve worn many different hats in the Creative Process and Love Every One of them, I have worked on everything from Acting, Voiceovers, Writing, Directing and Producing.

I've created a Patreon Page so we can get Patron support to begin funding the Animation of an action scene with Kate and get Bad Date Kate and The Babies into Production.

I’ve also created Tessa and the Environmental Warriorz an Animated Children's Action Adventure Series.

Founder of the Show Creators Group on LinkedIn and Facebook, and the Animation Atlanta Facebook Group, the Groups are a place where Artists can showcase their work, inspire and support one another. 

Strange Canine is looking for Sponsors that align with the Positive Vision of the Show

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