About Kate…



Kate's Babies are her heart, her joy, her World!

Sammy, Roxy, Rascal and Felix are the Center of her Life, their unconditional Love and support is her constant inspiration.

Kate's a Rescue Momma, Animal Advocate, Vegan Food and Fashion Blogger.

She's  an active Shelter Volunteer and you’ll see her bringing blankets, toys, food and Love to Angels in need at Angel Rescue, that's how she met one of her dearest friends, Gretyl.

Kate has a very unique style and she surrounds herself with close friends. Each one is an eclectic character of their own. They are Kate’s extended family and she loves them, even though they may drive her crazy at times, she knows they have her best intentions at heart. 

Everyone is looking for True Love, the kind of love that knocks your socks off, a deeper love that only your perfect half can make you feel. 

Kate Definitely is. She’s no stranger to crazy dates and Her ex boyfriend,  Karate Obsessed Billy.  Although she knew deep inside her heart that Billy was not right for her, she kept Trying....

Until she had enough and realized that Billy is more interested in his karate than kate.

Finding joy in Video Games, Kate is an avid Gamer, growing up with her older brother Charley he taught her about gaming early on and she’s been playing and dueling ever since. You'll always find her hot pink Game Console in her Fringe Vegan Bag.

A Smart Savvy Techie, Kate’s an active Online Dater who finds herself in awkward, downright odd situations.

That's where Kate’s great imagination carries her through!

Her Tech Guru Jack, always there to help... and very excitedly now that Kate has finally broken up with Billy... hoping that his secret, not so secret crush will make Kate see that what she wants is right there, right in front of her.. with him.... and so it begins!

There's a Big Wonderful World to Bad Date Kate. A world of strong diverse characters.  

Kate is a strong female character who has found the courage to stand up for what she wants and deserves and not settle for anything less.  

Kate's Family is most important to her, Bad Date Kate will make you laugh, tear up and even relate….

Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman