A New Day is Here🌟

SO Very Inspired by Oprah’s Powerful Speech at the Golden Globes and Frances McDormand's Powerful Oscar Speech🌟

Both Artists that Inspire, Congratulations to Oprah on her Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes, Frances McDormand for her Oscar and Thank you both for the Powerful Speeches that resonated with SO Many.

We have quite a way to go, here and throughout the World, Women and Young Women are still struggling, suffering and equality for all is not there, yet. It is beyond bothersome today, in 2018 and my words are being kind, that women Still do not get equal pay and have to work several times harder in their chosen fields to recieve the Respect and Acknowledgement They So Very Much Deserve.

Embracing Diversity, Embracing Individual Uniqueness and Creativity. There is a Gift that only You have, male or female. Never let anyone Dim or take away that Light that makes You Who You Are. 

Support, Encourage, Create, be a Positive Force in this World🌟 

We are One World. We are All Connected. How we treat and respect Animals, the Environment and One Another, with Kindness and Compassion, comes Peace.

This World has No Tolernance for negativity, cruelty, disrespect and ignorance. With Awareness Comes Change. A New Day is on the Horizon!

Stay True, Stay Positive, Stay Creative. Be the Light for Yourself first so that you can then Light the way for others🌟