Our Hearts and Prayers go out to everyone in Los Angeles. My Heart breaks at all of the 

fires destroying Lives, Wildlife, Homes…

Malibu and Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills are very special places to our Family.

Jason would grab his Guitar and off we would go for a wonderful day by the Ocean.

We would often watch the sun set together, breathing in the Beauty and Peace❤️

Paramount Ranch was so very special to us, the drive up to Agoura from the Valley was gorgeous and once we reached the Ranch, Rico’s favorite place, he would get SO excited and run right up to the horses! 

Rico would Love running and running in the open space of the Ranch and we would often take photo shoots there, walking up through the beautiful dirt roads to special places where the light was just right.

We Loved and appreciated all of the Beauty and captured it in so many Wonderful Moments in our Lives. 

We were always creatively inspired there and decided to film the opening shots of live action Bad Date Kate there, with that big, powerful, beautiful tree that starts everything.

To see, hear, read all of this Beauty being destroyed, the lives that are lost, the absolute devastation breaks my heart into a million pieces.

Please be safe Los Angeles, take care of one another and open your hearts and doors to all of the displaced animals, confused, hungry and scared. 

Everyone has lost so much, our Hearts, Thoughts and Prayers are with you❤️