Ed Jiménez Bio

Comic Artist and Character Designer, Ed Jimenez use digital media to tell stories and create amazing fantasy worlds. 

His illustrations have been used by book publishers, museums, magazines and others.

Some of his published work:

Clockwork Watch Evolution by Clockwork Watch Films, UK

Unit 44 by Alterna Comics, US

“The scout” a short story by 4th Monkey Anthology, US

World War II comix presents “They called themselves the battling bastards of Bataan” by Monroe Publications, US

World War II Comix presents “Pearl Harbor and the day of infamy” by Monroe Publications, US

Penitentiary Story of Costa Rica at Museum of Costa Rica

Educational children’s books, Portugal



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Gene Frances Magora Bio

Gene Frances Magora is an Animation Artist, Concept Artist and Comic Artist from the Philippines.

He started working for an animation company at the age of 18 and worked as an assistant animator for various companies for 8 years. Currently, he is doing freelance work as a layout artist and penciler and inker for different comic and animation companies.

Some of his published works includes American Mythology's the Land that time forgot issues 1 and 2, and a webcomic from a company called LISM where he draws the promotional comics for the company.

When not working, he enjoys doing physical activities like running and biking. He also loves to play different RPG games because he believes that it will be fruitful to do other things besides drawing and working so that he won't be saturated with work and also playing new games inspires him to draw and gives him new ideas for his craft.

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