With Every Purchase Strange Canine Will donate to these Angel Organizations to Help them Promote Awareness and Put an End to the Intolerable Absolute Horrifying Cruelty of the Yulin Meat Festival  

These Angels are Helping Save Thousands of Precious Angels from Horrific Cruelty.   

Out Of The Shadows and Into The Light.

Together We Make The Greatest Difference  


 Click on the Buttons and Learn More.

With Awareness and Being Their Loud Voices Together, We ARE Making a Difference and Ending this Suffering.

Dogs are Angels that are here to make us better people. They are Selfless, Kind, Loving and Forgiving. The Cruelty and Despair in their eyes breaks my Heart into a million pieces.   

Bad Date Kate and The Babies are ready to do their part and more.

With Every Purchase YOU Make a Difference. You Help These Three Amazing Organizations, Raise Awareness and Bring this Horror from Darkness into Light. 

Kate is a Rescue Momma, her Babies are her Heart and Joy. A Vegan, she Loves All Animals and Every one matters and Every one is important.

We Celebrate Earth Day, for me and many others Every Day is Earth Day.

Everything is Connected. How We Treat Ourselves, One Another, Animals, the Earth.

I cannot imagine the horrific suffering these innocent Angels are going through and these three organizations and many others are on the front lines, Every Day.  Be Conscious. Be Aware. Don't Turn Away. 

                                                                   Thank You SO Much for Your Support

                                 Click on the Buttons to Learn about what each Organization is doing to put a                                                                                                              Final End to this Cruelty


The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation | Marc Ching