Matcha Talk with Mary White VBlog  

 I’ve created my Matcha Talk VBlog  Series with Artists that Inspire me and whose Creativity and work is a Positive Light in this World.

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and listen to these Incredible Artists who have Challenged Adversity and are making a Positive Difference in the World with their Creative Voices.

I'm so fortunate to know and work with some of the most talented artists in the industry, artists that inspire me everyday and now I get to share their stories with you

View my VBlog with my Husband, Composer Jason White. My Family is my Greatest source of Love and Inspiration.

To collaborate, share and create together is priceless. True Joy.

Behind every success story are many hours of hard work and challenges...

Everyone has their own Creative Voice, something unique to share with the world.

Art is a Very Powerful Voice and it takes courage to listen, to remain true to yourself, to keep going, staying focused and positive, fearless amidst adversity. 

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