Blogging with Kate featuring Matcha and Kate's Secret Recipes...


In these Beautiful Illustrations by Larissa Marcano, we see Kate getting inspired and creating her delicious Vegan Masterpieces.

Kate has her inspiration in front of her, being the Techie she is, a Tablet by her side but also her hardcover book of favorite recipes. 

Her Matcha on the seat next to her… safely away from her computer and tablet….

After her break up with Billy, Kate has taken her Love of Food, Fashion, Music, Gaming and Angel Rescues and created a Blog with Style which has a very successful guest following.

Her Family has asked her to prepare the Menu for their Family Reunion.. That is Definitely a Family Reunion that I am Very Excited to Bring You! 


Kate's+Coconut+Matcha+Ice+Cream (1).jpeg

This Delicious Bowl of Matcha Coconut Ice Cream plays a Big part in the First Episode.

Let’s just say that Kate has a moment of indulgence that leads to an Awakening....

Beautifully Illustrated by Larissa Marcano, it’s deliciously decadent, complete with a mint mustache, a possible precursor to a future date…

Kate adds it to her Blog, featuring all of the delectable ingredients.

Decadent Edible Flower Bouquet | Kate's Secret Recipes 

In this Illustration Kate is featuring a very special recipe. The dish is as delicious as it is gorgeous.

When getting ready to feature a new recipe on Blogging with Kate, Kate makes sure that every detail is Perfect!

So, what is this dish so wonderfully decorated with gorgeous edible flowers?

It’s a special meal in the Series…


Matcha, Mushipan and Dating.jpg

Matcha, Dating and Mushipan

Kate Loves her Matcha and has this delicious Mushipan on a date with a very special....

Stay Tuned for Matcha, Dating and Mushipan....