Founder, CEO at Strange Canine  

Entertainment and Music for New Media, Animation, Film, Television, Comics and Video Games

Vegan 🌱 Animal Advocate❤️

Creator of Bad Date Kate, The Babies Series, Tessa and the Environmental Warriorz Action adventure Series

my Characters are Vegan, All Animals and Environments are Respected ❤️🌱

Host of VBLOG Matcha Talk with Mary White

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As a Creator I’ve worn many different hats in the Creative Process and Love Every One of them, I've worked on everything from Acting, Voiceovers, Writing, Directing and Producing.

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Founder of the Show Creators Group on LinkedIn and Facebook, the Animation Atlanta LinkedIn and Facebook Group and Women in Comics LinkedIn Group🌟

the Groups are a place where Artists Around the World can showcase their work, inspire and support one another🌟