"The Shift" Television Series is a comedy that I co created before I started working on my Animated Series, Bad Date Kate.  I had the great fortune to work with some of the best comedy talent in Los Angeles.

Jason filmed some of the scenes and edited the entire pilot. Working together with my husband, sharing ideas and creativity, it doesn't get any better than that!

It was a true indie project and you could feel the energy, connection and magic on the set when we filmed. We auditioned hundreds of actors and the talent that we cast are truly perfect.

Comedy is The Best! To laugh and make others laugh, is Priceless.

The Shift is a Comedy Television Series about the struggles of life as an actor working in a Los Angeles Restaurant while trying to break into the Entertainment Industry.

The servers have to endure ridiculous rules, meetings, not to mention crazy customers, all to earn a living so they can become successful in what they Really Love.

The relationships they have with one another bonds them closely together and each in their own unique way, add the support they need to continue to persevere and keep moving forward, despite all of the adversities they face.

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